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About us
About us we are a leading provider of WordPress website design, WooCommerce eCommerce stores, and essential SEO services, offering unparalleled expertise in creating online solutions tailored to your needs.

Founded with a deep passion for empowering small businesses online and helping them thrive in the digital era, 1st Web Design embarked on its journey by recognizing the increasingly crucial role of a robust digital presence for modern enterprises.

Over the years, 1st Web Design has proudly served prestigious clients like Vergezocht Oils and Thyume Valley Tea Farmers, consistently delivering outstanding results and driving online success for a wide array of esteemed organizations.

Our Core Values

Guiding Principles for Excellence and Success


At 1st Web Design, we are deeply committed to delivering exceptional, tailor-made online solutions for websites and ecommerce stores that not only exceed our clients’ expectations but also drive tangible and quantifiable results through innovative strategies.


With a resolute commitment to embracing creativity and harnessing cutting-edge technologies, including the powerful platforms of WordPress and WooCommerce, we consistently strive to innovate and provide our clients with forward-thinking digital strategies and solutions that set them apart from the competition. Our dedication to staying at the forefront of industry trends enables us to deliver exceptional results that drive growth and success for our valued clients.


Operating with unwavering honesty and transparency, we prioritize integrity in all our interactions, fostering trust and cultivating long-lasting partnerships with our esteemed clients. Our commitment to ethical business practices sets us apart from the competition and ensures enduring relationships built on mutual respect and shared success.

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